Studied architecture and then finance. Worked in M&A, then Asset Management and then realized that finance is a mean, not an end, and bridge-building can involve bridging clients with companies, services with markets, board with employees, talents with delivery, start-ups with corporates.

Discovered that vocation is about doing what you like and what gives you a voice that leads to impact – both professionally as well as personally. Stephan is now a transformational architect.


Skill set:

Serial organizational lover and transformer across all industries with a fondness for bridge building. Stephan loves organization for the context their generate and the direction they provide to their stakeholders. His approach is to ask questions with an edge, know how to commit and hook structure and brains to decide upon and adopt behavioural changes – and seduce them into doing so. His wish is to strengthen organization and people in enhancing their trust in their own capabilities and elevating spirits through the ease through which it can be done.