Naveen Prasad is a serial entrepreneur & start-up investor, mentor and adviser. Currently working on multiple ventures, he is part of the founding team at Blackbill Internet, Bezahlt DE (7 digit seed funding, 8 digit refinancing line). Previously, he founded (exited). 

Apart from building his own ventures, Naveen has also contributed to the success of MNCs and start-ups: He was the Chief Product Officer at Lendico (a Rocket Internet venture) and the Head of Product at Kreditech, where he led the product team, executing a series of strategical initiatives across the lending products at Kreditech, playing a pivotal role in closing a US$103 million Series C funding round. Before Kreditech, he was handling product initiatives for 10+ product lines at Amazon.


Skill set:

Product Management, Product validation (Product-Market fit), Venture building, Fundraising