“In 2014 I accomplished my dual studies program at Europe’s biggest retailing company in consumer electronics in Mannheim, Shanghai and Ingolstadt. Because I like to scrutinize processes and methods, afterwards I started there as a Team Lead and Project Manager. To become a successful player on the market, it’s all about customer centricity. So we advanced the customer experiences online and offline. With the empathy what customers want – I started at Germany’s most powerful router and network engineering company as an International Channel Marketing Manager. My focus was to find international strategic partners and evolve the power of the market together. 

Now I’m responsible for the world’s first completely integrated v-commerce innovation hub. EIGHTPRODUCTS – based in Berlin and established by the e-commerce giant Chal-Tec is with its approach to help innovators and entrepreneurs to realize their ideas, an outstanding opportunity for people who want to win. I’m driven by the passion to find the next big thing what can disrupt the old. The right mindset is everything – so I want to get in the cross-disciplinary interchange with passionate entrepreneurs. I believe in trial and fail, then trial and win. So let’s reduce fails to a necessary minimum and find out what works.”


          Skill set:

         Empathy with people

          Focus on the essential business doing

          Supporting innovators and entrepreneurs to focus on their strategic activities

          Internal and external conduct of negotiations