Louise graduated with a double major in Communications and International Studies, as well as a Business minor from Northwestern University in 2010. While she loved her time at NU, she feels her true education came from the hours spent creating a food delivery company for the University. Since then, the entrepreneurial spirit and belief that we are better when working together has permeated everything she has set her mind to. Her 10 years of experience in real estate development, hospitality and the startup community were recently combined when she created a vehicle for angel investing, which enabled her to not only explore her many interests in a variety of verticals, such as co-working, property technology and hospitality driven businesses, but brought her great joy as she was able to mentor and develop those who were truly going to make a difference in the world. She is a co-owner of The Place and continues to be a passionate supporter of those passionate enough to solve big problems.



– Angel investing in a variety of verticals

– Hospitality industry experience

– Luxury real estate development (management, construction, design and sales)

– Passionate about early stage ideation and problem-solving