We Should Care Human Rights

On the Spotlight: Tactile Studio and the Design for all engagement Tactile Studio is a brilliant example of how we can combine business growth with socially conscious aspects. Tactile Studio…

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The Place Launches ‘The Smarts’

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Best Free VPN Apps of 2017

Best Free VPN Apps of 2017 One of the must-haves of internet users these days is becoming the VPN applications which helps you keep your identity and location hidden while…

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Creating A Welcoming Company Culture

Creating A Welcoming Company Culture We know that today people are not just looking for a well-paid job from 9 to 6. They are also looking for a place where…

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Identifying Potential Customers for Your Tech Startup

  Identifying Potential Customers For Your Tech Startup How well can you identify your target customers? The answer to this question depends on how well you can define the lines…