Facts are facts. As of today, only 15% of startups in Berlin are founded by women. Studies have shown that this inequality also reflects on the number and amount of funding female founders receive in the startup space. A scarcity that reflects on the number of role models as well. Less women, less funding, less role models, less women. A circle that feeds itself.

Since March 2018, The Place is actively engaged in supporting female entrepreneurs with the We Can StartUp series of event: a stage, a pitch competition with 10 hand picked & women-led startups, a fierce jury giving insightful feedback. It’s also a unique platform chance to learn more about the new practices in place to reduce this gap.

Cherry on top: At the end of the event, the winning team gets the chance to integrate in our community for free for 3 months (meaning free desks, accessing all events and mentors from our network), and receive a Female Fellowship to Founder Institute program, meaning free 3.5 months of acceleration with top notch mentors to take your business to the new level.

The Place Berlin & Tech Open Air Satellites partner with Founder Institute and the German Startup Association to give YOU the opportunity to network around the topic and pick the brains of a few of Berlin’s top experts by hosting a short panel discussion followed by Q&A with the audience. Join us with all your questions for an evening of learning, discussion and debate!


Calling all female entrepreneurs!

This is a chance to pitch your idea in front an incredible crowd: media, talents, potential investors, curious minds that will challenge you to push forward. Please submit your pitch deck to hallo@theplaceberlin.com with the title “We Can Startup Submission” before June 20th.

10 teams will be selected to pitch on stage. This edition is open to all verticals; however we’ll invite on stage only teams seed to early stage with a developed idea and who can demonstrate they’ve proven their product market-fit.

Jury will be announced soon.


About us:

The Place is an international startup hub—a stimulating 1000 square meter space within a former printing house. In a garage-style atmosphere with 7-meter vaulted ceilings and tons of natural light, we’re well positioned to bring in a new breed of founders and young companies. Startups are the spark that lights the engine of The Place. OttonovaGrover and relayr are just a few examples of our members that have attracted tens of millions in investment capital. We’ve seen success stories and startups growing big—raising rounds, going public, making exits, and gaining huge experience.

Founder Institute is a  pre-seed startup accelerator designed for pre-seed stage startup, including aspiring founders with a full-time job, solo founders, teams, and founders of established companies that are pre-funding. Since 2009, we have helped over 3,500 companies raise over $800M and build some of the world’s fastest growing companies. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 65 countries, the Founder Institute’s mission is to “Globalize Silicon Valley” and empower talented and motivated people to build impactful companies that create one million jobs.

The German Startup Association is the representative of startups in Germany. Our unique bottom up approach is reflected in all that we do. Headquartered in Berlin with fourteen regional representations, we are constantly growing. Bringing together more than 1000 members from various sectors and in all stages to create synergies between old and new economy.

The Korea Innovation Center and Born2Global join forces with The Place Berlin on Tuesday 28th of May to host a public demo evening for a selection of 9 Korean and German Startups.

Come around to discover the innovations these startups have been building over the past months. There will be a buffet at the end of the session to give you the opportunity to enlarge your network, while enjoying food and drinks.


16:00 – 18:00 → Demo Evening Presentations

18:30 – 21:00 → Dinner & Networking

KIC-Europe (Korea Innovation Center):

KIC-Europe is the first Research & Innovation Center to develop an integrated cooperation and build a large network in research and innovation between Korea and the EU. As a non-profit government agency, KIC-Europe is supported by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT. They are dealing with Innovation Cooperation, Technology Commercialization, Business Acceleration, and Innovation based Incubation service for Korean SMEs. Through various programmes, they open up access opportunities for Korean Startups and SMEs to expand into European markets by providing strategic solutions and networking.


Founded in September 2013, Born2Global is a major Korean government agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT contributing to the national startup ecosystem and beyond. Each year, Born2Global selects over 100 startups with high potential for entering the global market. Born2Global provides services such as professional consulting in law, patents, accounting, marketing, investment and business development. Additionally, Born2Global gives training services to startups by hosting conferences, seminars and meetings.

A closer look into the participating startups:


A smart belt for your healthcare that keeps track of the users’ overall health by measuring waist size, steps taken, sitting time, and overeating habits. The technology is applied to the belts that are worn every day, which leads to long-term use. It provides customized healthcare service messages based on life pattern data to induce lifestyle changes for disease prevention.

Double H

Wearable device that provides information useful for diet (body fat measurement) by applying IoT function by disassembling abdomen fat with 188 special wavelength LEDs.


Wearable device that trains ‘ciliary muscle’ of eyes which determines the eyesight as the most important part of the body and restores it to its original vision.

Exo Systems

Wearable joint rehabilitation solution that combines robotics, game and A.I based on electrostimulation technology.


The fastest and cheapest blockchain-based foreign remittance

solution. MOIN’s business (revenue) model is very simple: remittance charges, transaction basis. Compared to the fee structure of traditional banks, the transaction process MOIN has is much simpler and the cost needed for the process is significantly low.


“I sit for you – You sit for me“: Mutual childcare with trusted friends

SitEinander is a new digital app for families who want to swap free babysitting with other trusted parents. It also helps to build communities and get to know new families in the neighbourhood.


Creatext builds a SaaS solution for customized text generation at scale. Use cases for their multilingual data-to-text engine include automatic product descriptions for e-commerce sites, customized portfolio performance reports, and human-like newspaper articles.


ChipsTV is a socially interactive live streaming platform where up to ten people talk and play together. The platform offers a variety of integrated multiplayer games.


Wrong medication is a common problem, according to the World Health Organization, and causes worldwide costs of 42 billion dollars per year. RAMPmedical provides doctors with a simple software solution that supports them in identifying the optimal treatment for each of their patients and avoiding treatment mistakes.

Early stage startup founders – join our interactive presentation about the different ways to finance your startup.

We do not only cover Business Angel and Venture Capital financing, but go through the entire spectrum of financing options for your tech startups ranging from bootstrapping to public subsidies to bank loans and of course venture capital.

We will talk about the pros and cons of each type of financing and will discuss with you directly how this could be applicable for your startup.

Network with all other attendants, the startups from The Place and the startup experts of Berliner Sparkasse.

Looking forward to meeting you there! Please register here