The Place To Take a Stand

Taking a stand for what we believe to be meaningful has always been at the core of our decision making. Since the year is coming to an end, we sat down and designed our 2019 strategy and there is BIG NEWS :

The Place will launch its own set of projects called “We Should Care”.

Every month (from February to November) will be dedicated to a specific worldwide issue that is of value to us: from the future of health, social entrepreneurship to engagement in politics. We’re aiming at 3 to 4 very diverse events formats and activities devoted to the monthly focus.

This is another gamble we take to show that The Place is much more than a coworking space. It is The Place where the future is discussed.

Let it be controversial, let it be heated!

In an era of uncertainty, let us come together, debate and be part of the future!

We Can Start Up


The Startup ecosystem in Berlin (not to say the world) is still dominated by male. We, at The Place, want to take a stand in supporting female entrepreneurs. Our aim is to change the landscape, promote, support and guide female founders to reach their full potential. The format? A fully curated event followed by a pitch competition at the end of which three teams will join The Place Community!

Got your attention to engage further?

Stay tuned for our next edition!

The Place Meets


Join our special series of hand-picked fireside chats and presentations. Made for our startup community – open to the public. The Place Meets is yet another opportunity for founders to benefit from the dynamic and innovative ecosystem in Berlin.

We know it’s crucial to offer workshops, but we went one step further: At The Place you meet the key players in person! Get first-hand insights from truly remarkable people.

This is the rare chance to get face time with successful entrepreneurs, leading politicians and inspiring self-starters.