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We Can Start Up !

The Place to foster female entrepreneurship

We Can Start Up is coming back in March.

Together with Berlin Partner We Can Start Up goes international.

So, stay tuned!


The Place To Start

Starting is never easy, time is precious, focus is key and we know it. We are the place where you can start building the things that matter to you without having to get distracted by the rest. Your place can start with a mailbox, a desk or a closed office and go far beyond that.

The Place To Grow

Surround yourself with like-minded startuppers who can support you throughout your journey. Our community of Members is the foundation of The Place. We have the brightest, funniest and most unique minds in-house. Meet your fellow Members here!

Thu 22


August 22 @ 18:00 - 21:00

The Place To Connect

Organise events where you can connect with the Berlin startup scene. We are The Place where crazy ideas can be built in 24 hours, where the digital world can be disrupted and where corporates can connect and collaborate with our awesome in-house startups. The Place is yours; feel at home to create your amazing events.

The Place To Eat

Need a place to meet an investor, a friend or a colleague whilst indulging in delicious food and a range of drinks? We’ve got you covered! Our beautiful Cafe/Bar is here to welcome you and your guests.

The Place to Partner with

Come to The Place

The Place is Your Place. Come and say hi!