Prospection workshop: how to build an outbound lead generation machine


Join our free workshop led by Thibaut Souyris, B2B Sales Consultant. Get the opportunity to be trained on how to get initial calls and have prospects lined up to learn more about your startup.

This workshop is your chance to obtain a free diagnostic of your current lead generation process, learn fresh techniques to land new customers and build a process that generates leads, day in, day out.

This workshop will cover the following aspects:

Presentation of the main issues founders have when it comes to prospection

  • Work session: How to find leads and prepare them for outreach
  • Work session: How to contact these leads in an organised and scalable way
  • Work session: What KPIs to put in place to track your success
Get ready to work, this is not your average sales training!

Please reserve one of our limited tickets– anyone is welcome!

See you @ The Place Berlin!

How can a growing company remain agile while building strong relationships with all its stakeholders, be it customers, employees, territories, suppliers?

That’s the question shared governance means to answer. Based on a change in posture and a few management techniques, it allows to better share the created value and the power of decisions with its stakeholders, in order to build a long-lasting competitive advantage.

Key-takeaways of the workshop:

  • What shared governance is and what it brings the organisation
  • How to identify the stakeholders and analyse the exchanges of value and power
  • How to set up a few sociocratic practices within the organisation.
This workshop is led by comit:

Comit is a Berlin-based consultancy which helps freelancers and small companies from France and Germany to build long-lasting business-models through personal support and collective workshops. Comit’s goal is to allow all entrepreneurs to develop their projects and have a positive impact on all their stakeholders.

Please reserve one of our limited tickets– anyone is welcome!