As part of our themed month around “Human Rights in the age of digitalization”, we thought it might be great to give ourself a little break, still reflecting on this topic. When it comes to the future of our digital world, Black Mirror TV shows depicts a quite striking image of what it could be.

Come join us in our cosy Mentor Room that we’ll transform into a kino for the occasion! And by the way Let us know via social media which episode is your favorite; we’ll announce the one that will be projected very soon.

The Place will be launching a new event series in 2019: “We Should Care”, a monthly themed program on issues valuable to us and our community of founders and entrepreneurs.

The first theme in our agenda will be Human Rights in the age of digitalization. This umbrella topic covers a number of issues that reflect the balancing act that exists between human rights protection and technological innovation. We’ll be discussing how to bypass and prevent discrimination in A.I. and machine learning biases; how to circumvent the risks of the fake news epidemic, and the role that tech giants have to play to combat the issue; and how to address the rise of hate speech and violent content online, that too often translates into a surge of violent crimes against minorities and exacerbate societal divisions and racism.

Our goal is to shed a light on the risks that accompany these trends, but also find constructive solutions and create a more engaged and informed community. We do hope you will find these discussions as relevant and meaningful for our collective future as we do.

Speakers to be announced!