Berliner Sparkasse is taking in a new batch of startups at The Place for the months of April to June 2019.

Join us for the pitch session where the following 6 startups will compete for the chance to work at Berlin’s best coworking space for tech startups. Each team will have 5min plus a short Q&A. Drinks and networking after the pitches!

The pitching startups will be announced here after 14 March.

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

YES, we are back and the “We Can StartUp: Tech Edition” is coming in October!

In comparison to the first edition of “We Can StartUp”, where it was aimed to empower female founders in every field, the upcoming event narrows down the competition to particular tech topics. This allows us and the participants to tackle more specific areas and reach high-caliber engagement from the audience.

HOW to apply?

Applications are now open until October 12th! To enter the competition, there are two requirements:

1. Your Startup is in deep tech
2. It is founded (or co-founded) by a female entrepreneur

For more details and how to proceed please follow this link.

WHAT is the prize?

The top 3 teams will win 3 MONTHS of FREE MEMBERSHIP at The Place and the opportunity to be PART OF OUR COMMUNITY. In addition, we offer to the winners all of our in-house benefits!

WHAT is the event format?

Apart from the pitch-competition, it is expected to have a keynote speaker and a panel discussion for further insights about the challenges that women confront in the tech front. The event is designed for networking and empowering female founders.
The agenda of the event will be added soon.

Book your seat & support the next generation of female entrepreneurs, because everyone’s participation matters!

Please find more details about the competition here!

See you very soon!


The Place Team

You may be aware Berliner Sparkasse is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year. A major player in the development of the city for sure. Here is the thing: when the established economy supports the next generation of founders, it makes sparkles!

Berliner Sparkasse has sponsored desks at The Place allowing innovative projects to have an opportunity to grow. A partnership that was so successful that both parties decided to renew the experience! The next winners will join the community of The Place in September.

Here are more information about the application process – open till August 5th.

To hear all these high potential startup ideas, join us on August 16th from 2pm, during the pitch competition event. For your free seat, please register here