A New Neighborhood for Berlin — The Future of TXL Airport

Believe it or not: One day Berlin’s new international airport BER will finally open. Once that happens, the Berlin-Tegel airport will close six months later. The whole place will be transformed into a research park for urban technologies and a new residential district called “Schumacher Quartier“.

Dr. Philipp Bouteiller, CEO of Tegel Projekt GmbH is developing and managing these two ambitious Smart City projects. At the “Urban Tech Republic” founders, students, investors, industrialists, and scientists will get together to work on tomorrow’s cities.

Mr. Bouteiller is going to join us at The Place to present his latest plans. Drop by to watch the presentation and bring up your questions in our Q&A after the discussion.

Please register here. We hope to see you at The Place!


You may be aware Berliner Sparkasse is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year. A major player in the development of the city for sure. Here is the thing: when the established economy supports the next generation of founders, it makes sparkles!

Berliner Sparkasse has sponsored desks at The Place allowing innovative projects to have an opportunity to grow. A partnership that was so successful that both parties decided to renew the experience! The next winners will join the community of The Place in September.

Here are more information about the application process – open till August 5th.

To hear all these high potential startup ideas, join us on August 16th from 2pm, during the pitch competition event. For your free seat, please register here