Inside The Place’s Rebranding

Last week, we finalised quite a task for the whole team here at The Place — our rebranding. Today, we say hello to our new brand identity and boy oh boy — we love it!

But first, some backstory!

No matter how much you love your brand, eventually it may come time to change things up. Being an active part of Berlin’s startup ecosystem and seeing it changes so fast,  we matured, changed the way we operate and the way we do business. In the last few years, we were growing, cooperating, sharing, learning, adapting, shaping and innovating in our collaborative effort.

As our startup hub grew, we started to add lots of new features, such as our own mentorship program The Smarts, new event series The Place Meets, new workshop formats and so on. So, in celebration of turning four this year, we looked back on our journey and decided that it’s time for a change. It’s time for us to discover new ways to revive our brand and in some cases, make it stronger than ever.

Now, cue the drum roll, please

Here’s where our new brand identity comes in to show our new vision of this crazy startup life that we’re all living. But more importantly, it shows the core of The Place Berlin and the values that define us — the fact that we’re open, dynamic, brutally honest and challenging the status quo, at least once in a while.

A problem well stated is a problem half-solved, they say. What we wanted to achieve with the rebranding was to show our true character and the fact that we’re not about design furniture but about community. From the very beginning, our main aim was and still is to create a place for entrepreneurs to come together, share their knowledge and learn from their peers.

Our brand identity is here to tell exactly this story. We imagined something bold, a little bit crazy and very Berliner-ish (whatever that means:) and we’re happy with the result. We hope you like it, too!

As this is just the first of a series of posts with which we share more about what we do here at The Place — we would like to hear your feedback! We want to tell you guys as much as possible about our plans, programs and new features and we promise to take your opinion about all this very seriously.

Tell us what do you think in the comments below and thanks for following us along the way. You folks are awesome🎈

Text: Tsveta Stoeva
Brand Identity: DSGN Clinic

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