Characteristics of Successful Founders

Having the right team is usually what makes or breaks a startup considering the challenges that lie ahead at the beginning of a very long journey. If you plan to make yours a success story then you should know one thing: Lone champs are not the right choices for startup teams. You might find the most decorated candidate to handle half your workload on their own; but if he or she doesn’t meet the team spirit, you are going to have problems. Guaranteed. To eliminate such problems for you, we have gathered some traits successful founders usually have in common;




Being able to adapt to changing conditions and agendas on the go is crucial for startups. You need people who are not annoyed or reluctant to change their perspective. People who has the best interest of the whole team in mind. Motivation loss in a small team can spread pretty quickly. Make sure your team is highly motivated to encounter whatever comes along.

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Obviously, each firm is looking for solution oriented employees. In startups though, this takes precedent over a lot of qualifications. You need people who do not mind getting their hands dirty. Find those who would dive into a conflict and come up with quick, creative solutions.



First customers are everything for a startup. They are your benchmark, your case study, your credibility and most legitimate feedback source. To conquer the market you will need to listen to your customers and create tailor-made services that are unique and innovative. Satisfied customers speak volumes without opening their mouths.



Being able to respond quickly to the business and customer needs will help your team go a long way in short time. As you can imagine, this qualification will help you capitalize solution- and customer-oriented decisions.


There will be a lot of unknowns in a startup, you will have to learn things on the go and get acquainted with new processes quickly. Most importantly, without letting it show to others. Having a curious team that is proactive in jumping into new endeavors will for sure help you save time and spirits.



Recapping everything; you need comrades who are flexible, solution and customer oriented, persistent and inquisitive. Long story short you need entrepreneurial minds! If you take a look at our previous blog “Finding The Right Founding Team” you will find some team insights as well! A hint; you will need people to deal with finance, business development and digital marketing in addition to technical experts.


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